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  • Restorative Practices within Community Oriented Policing, or meeting the needs o f the officer on the beat 7
  • Lodewijk Günther Moor, Tony Peters, Paul Ponsaers, Joanna Shapland, Bas van Stokkom 1 A comparative view on the role of the police i n different restorative practices i n Flanders 19 Gerwinde Vynckier
  • 2 Restorative policing: i n pursuit of principles 39 Inge Vanfraechem
  • 3 Restorative police practices i n Belgium: a research into médiation processes and their organisation 65
  • Ivo Aertsen
  • 4 Restorative Policing: Police Médiation during Police Investigation: A procedure and a project to achieve Excellent Police Care 83 Wim D'haese e[ Sigrid Van Grunderbeeck
  • 5 Pass the buck. Restorative policing i n the Netherlands 101 Bas van Stokkom e[ Lodewijk Günther Moor
  • 6 Restorative justice conferencing i n the context of community policing 119 Joanna Shapland
  • 7 Restorative Justice and Police-led Cautioning Practice: Tensions i n Theory and Practice 139 David O'Mahony and Jonathan Dook
  • 8 Findings f r om an interim évaluation of Peer Panels - a f o rm of restorative justice 159 Chris Fox, Graham Smyth e[ Patrick Williams
  • 9 Opportunities for restorative justice i n the contemporary penal climate 173 Hilde Tubex e[ Roger Houchin
  • 10 Restorative Justice Policing i n Thames Valley 189 Carolyn Hoyle
  • 11 The Joint Family Management Programme 205 John Merritt
  • 12 Restorative justice - policing opportunities 219 James Watson
  • The authors' guidelines "Journal o f Police Studies" 227 Policy plan and guiding lines "Journal of Police studies" 243 Elke Devroe CPS 2009-2, nr. 11 5


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